Grand Duchess Winnie Teich

Grand Duchess Winnie Teich, a mystery terrier mix,  was recently adopted by the family of Jordan Teich while they were at Pet Fest In Lafreniere Park in November 2016.  How she became homeless is unknown, but her father is grateful to have found her as she is a perfect match for what they wanted in their new baby. She thrives on long runs, chasing squirrels and snuggling. Hail Grand Duchess Winnie!


Grand Duchess Luna Williamson

Grand Duchess Luna Williamson, a special mix of Beagle with white GoGo boot paws, is a survivor of the Louisiana floods of August 2016. She was adopted by Jenny Williamson at Zeus Place and quickly adjusted to her new family.  She especially adores her sister Lily, a four-year-old Conton de Tulear and treats of all kinds. She is called the "hot water bottle" because she radiates warmth when she cuddles. Hail Grand Duchess Luna!