Queen Athena Cooper,  snow white Pomeranian,  is the daughter of Barry Cooper and Stuart Smith of Miami, Florida. She was rescued from a life of being a perpetual afterthought in the suburbs of frosty Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Her lonely heart and lack of social interaction made her quite unsure and shy-- at first. It did not take long for her to realize that she was her father's number one priority and that she would never again long for food, water, sunshine, companionship, and love. She is referred to by him as "Force's Deity of Wisdom a/k/an ATHENA."

True to her new lifestyle, Queen Athena was enrolled in school and was an all-star student. In fact, there was a talk of her becoming a show dog not only because of her intelligence but always because she was such a looker.  But, the Queen dispels that notion as something her family wanted more than she did. "My aspiration was to be a Queen of Barkus, not a show dog. I did the math, and there are only 25 Queens in the history of Barkus, while there are countless show dogs," said the Queen while wagging her fluffy tail.   

The Queen plans to arrive in New Orleans more than a week before the parade as her schedule is quite full.  Among other things, she has a breakfast meeting at Cafe du Monde with local dignitaries, a happy hour fundraiser at Dat Dog, the Coronation Ball at the Windsor Court Hotel and the much-anticipated lunch at Galatoire's with her King.  Her travel trunk is getting packed to the brim with outfits for every occasion designed and carefully fitted by her tailor. "I have also been practicing how to carry myself in various types of dresses and head wear as any responsible Queen would do," she stated.  Also, she plans to have plenty of personalized throws on parade day for those along the route.

Queen Athena's confidence is high, and she is excited to be living out a dream. "This is just like being the Queen of Carnival, but with canines," she said ending her sentence with a small bark of joy and "If Ever I Cease to Love" playing in the background.

When this Mardi Gras season is over, Queen Athena plans to sleep for days in her Faberge Egg bed.  After that, she plans to write a book about her life entitled "Who Dat Queen?"

All hail HER MAJESTY XV, Queen Athena Cooper!