Queen Bristol


Queen Bristol "Brie" Mahana, a French Bulldog, is the daughter
of Ralph and Ashley Mahana of New Orleans, Louisiana. Queen
Bristol faced some health issues related to her heart when she
was young, but it has never kept her from serving on the Barkus
Royal Court over the years. She is a natural Royal beauty who
enjoys watching Nickelodeon and shopping for outfits to add to
her expansive wardrobe. Queen Bristol is named after the hotel
where her parents spent their honeymoon in Paris, France, and
she appreciates that. She is the sparkle of her parents lives and
can often be found at the Windsor Court Hotel where she goes to
work with her dad. Queen Bristol hopes to have and Instagram
and Facebook account as soon as her parents allow it so that she
can post pictures often and stay in contact with other Barkus
Krewe members year-round.
All Hail Queen Bristol!