Duchess Vivian Louise

Duchess Vivian Louise Dellinger, a Shih Tzu/Muppet mix, currently lives in Uptown New Orleans with her mother Danielle and her cat-sister Chantilly. 
Often referred to as the "Megan Markle of the dog world", she started from humble beginnings but has found herself to be adjusting quite well to her royal status. Vivian was wandering the streets of Kenner in 2015, a stray with hardly any fur, trouble walking, and a horrible skin infection. The lovely people of Zeus' Place rescued her, and posted her picture on their Facebook page. When her mom Danielle saw it, it was love at first sight. 
She has taken full advantage of her new life, demanding a minimum of 10 belly rubs a day, and a very timely delivery of her breakfast and dinner. In her free time she can either be found napping in one of her many beds, or playing with her favorite toy, her "Tuck's Blue Balls". 
When asked for comment on her position as a Duchess in the Barkus Royal Court, Vivian remarked: "Despite my rags to riches background, I have always felt I was destined to be treated as royalty. I'm just glad that everyone else is finally realizing it."
All Hail Duchess Vivian Louise!

Duchess Ti-Henna

Duchess Ti-Henna was born in 2012 in the High Desert of California, but a few months later agreed to relocate with her new attendants Charles and Ann to New York City (once they had wrapped her up snugly in a cashmere scarf).  She continues to live with them in New York, but has traveled to Barkus every year since 2014 (as did her predecessor, Henna), previously as a Lucky Dog.  Like all poodles, she is capable of mind-reading, mouse-hunting, levitation, plotting, and incredible charm, and can convince anyone (other than the mice) that Someone Else Must Have Done It Because You Can't Possibly Think I Did.  Her hobbies are eating cheese, nesting in freshly dried clothes, and burrowing into laps and bedclothes.

She is honored to be a part of the Royal Court and intends to act with her usual dignity and grace, so hide the cheese. 

All Hail Duchess Ti-Henna!


Duchess Sapphire

Duchess Sapphire Phillips, a Pug/Terrier mix, has a rather unique claim to fame. Also known as the “Mississippi River Adventure Dog”, she serves as loving companion and first mate on her Dad’s houseboat. When Kelly Phillips was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he decided to take Sapphire and head down the river in his houseboat “Shameless”. Together they have had many adventures and met many wonderful people.When she’s not helping her Dad navigate the mighty Mississippi, she enjoys naps in the sun, going for walks on the levee, and smiling at everyone she meets. Duchess Sapphire is thrilled and honored to be a part of the 2019 Royal Court.
All Hail Duchess Sapphire!