Queen Luna Settoon is the daughter of Alden and Brittany Settoon of New Orleans.  She is a gorgeous Border Collie who was adopted from the St. Tammany SPCA where she ended up after wandering the roads on the Northshore totally alone. Her parents say it did take some time for her to overcome of fear of almost everything and is now truly the embodiment of unwavering courage.

With the Queen's adoption, she was catapulted into canine royalty. Her uncle, Blue Settoon, was a former King of Barkus and she served as Grand Marshall last year. Former King Blue is reportedly giving her much advice about how to be a great monarch.

 "I have been told to stop begging for food at the dinner table and to control my stares when I want something," said Queen Luna. "Maybe Uncle Blue means well, but I frankly do not see why I need to change at all just because I am the Queen. I believe most of my subjects will be able to relate to me and any perceived imperfections will hopefully be embraced," she added.

Fans of Queen Luna's confidence and beauty can find her running up to 12 miles a day along the Couturie Forest Trails in City Park and sometimes in the Spillway. Queen Luna is anxiously awaiting the day she gets to meet her King, munch out at Galatoire's with him and celebrate the wonders of canine life after adoption.