This year's Grand Marshall is Luna Settoon and she is no stranger to the Royal Court. Her brother is the former King Bleu and she was previously a Grand Duchess and Princess Royale. She was a rescue dog who was so afraid that she hid in dark corners at first. But, she is now living large in the light and loving life. Grand Marshall Luna is affectionately referred to by her human family as "Luna Settoona" and will have them in her entourage for the parade. "Not only do I need them to drive me to Armstrong Park, I want them to push my float and help me throw things to the crowds," says Grand Marshall Luna. "Plus my people are lots of fun and celebrate with great determination," she added.  
When she is at home, Grand Marshall Luna spends lots of time digging the same hole in the yard, sleeping in a baby carrier and designing dog wear for all seasons. Her dream is to be the Queen of Barkus one year.

Grand Marshall Luna Settoon