• 2017 King & Queen of Barkus

    Posted on by Ashley Bel

    2017 King & Queen of Barkus

    The King & Queen of Barkus making the media rounds today with our President, Gregory Curtis.  Dr. Sherry Roth presents King Maximilian, and Barry Cooper presents Queen Athena Cooper.  The King and Queen had a very busy day as they get ready for the parade that rolls Sunday, February 19, 2017, in the French Quarter in New Orleans.  



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  • Things to Know: Krewe of Barkus Parade Day

    Posted on by Ashton Harris

    The Krewe of Barkus wants everyone to enjoy our parade day events.  The morning starts at Armstrong Park with registration, music, food, and fun.  When you arrive at Armstrong Park, please check in at Will Call to collect your armbands and parade details. 

    Krewe of Barkus Parade Day Procedures 

    • Visit Will Call 
    • Secure Armbands 
    • Review Parade Route 
    • Visit Parade Start  

    Things to Know About the Krewe of Barkus 

    • All Paraders Must Have Armbands 
    • Krewe of Barkus is a Cashless Event 
    • Purchase Drink Tickets Online 
    • Purchase All Merchandise Online 

    Any participate that does not have an armband will be removed from the parade route.  

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  • Krewe of Barkus Goes Cashless

    Posted on by Ashton Harris

    The Krewe of Barkus is excited to share our news about all the technology improvements our team has made over the last twelve months. During this time, our goal was to become more efficient and be in the forefront of SmartPhone society.

    We redesigned to deliver the best user experience and create a seamless checkout process. The addition of merchandise for sale and expanded parade registration, and most importantly - the drink tickets are all sold online. 

    Krewe of Barkus Armstrong Park Drink Tickets 

    Enjoy New Orleans favorite Mardi Gras cocktails and refreshing drinks and know that your continued support is greatly appreciated. 

    • Screwdrivers $6.00
    • Bloody Mary’s $8.00
    • Sodas $2.00
    • Bottle Water $ 2.00 
    • Mimosa’s $6.00

    All drink tickets are pick up at will call the day of the event. Barkus is a No Cash Event. 


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  • Krewe of Barkus Press Release 2016

    Posted on by Ashton Harris

    Krewe of Barkus Press Release

    Media Contact: Catherine Olivier/504.559.8522

    New Orleans, LA (1-11-16) -- Politics is going to the dogs with the Mystic Krewe of Barkus, the only officially licensed Mardi Gras Krewe for canines, with the theme "2016: From the Dog House to the White House." Countless canine candidates are expected to emerge as possible leaders of the most powerful country on Earth as they parade on Sunday, January 31, 2016.  

    While some dream of curling up on a couch in the Oval Office like Howllary Clinton or Donald the Dog Trump, others might want to embody any of many political pundits sniffing out the obvious such as James Pawville, Sean Hannitail or Glenn Bark. Of course, the political media will be celebrated in honor of all the dirt they dig up with the likes of Judy Woodruffruff, Chuck Waggin' Todd and Wolf Wuff Blizter.       

    The bi-ped world of Washington is soon to include the wonderful wags of the formerly under represented canine population. No matter what the polls might say, the next head of state might be a that of a Lab, Poodle, Pug or previously homeless mutt. It will no longer matter if you know who your parents are or if you have any formal education, much less Ivy League, to be elected. It is certain to be the most street small pack ever in power.     

    Dogs who want to be members of the krewe should get their humans to register on line at On parade day, we will be staging the parade, pre-pawty parade and post-pawty parade at Armstrong Park starting at 10:30am. The parade starts promptly at 2pm and follows a 15-block route through the Vieux Carré, stopping at the VIP Reviewing Stand at Good Friends Bar, corner Dauphine and St. Ann, where VIPs (and those who desire to be VIPs) will toast the Royal Court. Curious observers are welcome to come watch the parade.       

    All proceeds from Barkus, a non-profit organization founded by Wood Enterprises, benefit animal organizations in New Orleans and the Gulf South area. For more information, visit or e-mail


    EQUALITY DISCLAIMER: All dogs are eligible for various levels of membership without regard to their social, educational or family backgrounds. All colors, coat types, tail sizes and body mixes accepted. Cosmetically and non-cosmetically challenged dogs are welcome. Bluebloods and previously homeless dogs encouraged to participate.

    Follow Barkus on Facebook - 

    Krewe of Barkus  1000 Bourbon Street Suite 317 New Orleans Louisiana 70116

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    Posted on by Ashton Harris


    Whereas, it is the captain's authority to call the Krewe to parade on the occasion of the celebration of the only canine krewe in the world known as the Mystic Krewe of Barkus,

    Whereas, the captain, declares this year's theme—BARK  WARS: The Return of the K9-- so that our members can restore order to the galaxy known as the French Quarter by wagging their tails with light saber strikes, pounding their paws with storm trooper precision and lapping up Happy Juice in a quest for canine world domination.

    Be it known, the captain hereby invests our noble King, Andouille Lemarie, His Majesty XXIII, as he leads his fearless krewe with class befitting the stunning son of Drs. Stephen and Rose Lemarie; he has courageously faced major neck and back surgeries with the power of the bark force within, and has overcome odds greater than Han Solo piloting a crippled TIE Fighter; he is the epitome of one who reigns as a mentor as great as Obi-Wan Kenobi, as wise as Master Yoda, and as powerful as Master Wind. With the holy mother of meteors under his wirehair Dachshund cloak, his Majesty Andouille soar with warp speed into canine carnival history as King Barkus 2015.

    Be it known, the captain hereby appoints the splendid Queen, Ashley Renaudin, Her Majesty XXIII, as an out-of-this-world example of canine patience while waiting eight long months for her forever home; now she can comfortably curl in laps like Princess Leia's side hair buns after her miraculous meeting with her humanoid father, Jon Renaudin, who was her only chance for liberation from the dark force and black hole of homelessness; she cares not who her bio parents are, as her real family of quad-peds and bi-peds renewed her heart and empowered her faithfulness in real love; May Her Majesty always be a grateful and loyal one as The Force is with Queen Barkus 2015.   

    Thus, the captain commands all krewe members and their human companions to sniff and assemble with mirth on Sunday, February 8 at 2pm to parade from Armstrong Park in honor of all dogs who deserve their time to stomp, romp and lick freely on the grandest of grounds known as the Krewe of  Barkus parade.   


    With absolute authority and pomp,


    The captain salutes King Andouille and Queen Ashley



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