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King's Bio





His back story is that he was left in a small cat carrier outside the Jeff Parish Animal Shelter on New Year’s Eve. He spent the night in that kennel in the rain and freezing temps, with the fireworks popping all around him. The staff found him when they arrived on New Year's Day. He was emaciated, soaking wet and shivering in the back of his kennel. With lots of love and attention, he has blossomed in to the perfect pet. He loves dogs, cats, kids, humans and chickens. Dirk gets along with everyone and everything (not your typical chihuahua scared personality). 





 Whereas, it is the captain's authority to call the Krewe to parade on the occasion of the celebration of the only canine krewe in the world known as the Mystic Krewe of Barkus,

Whereas, the captain, declares this year's theme—DOGZILLA: Barkus Licks the Crescent City-- so that our members can transform the streets of the French Quarter into a playground for the monster spirit within each of them.

Be it known, the captain hereby invests our noble King, Dirk, his majesty 22, as he leads his fearless krewe with class befitting this small but mighty fine tyke who has known dark uncertainty and the dread of animal abandonment; he reigns with the strength of one who overcomes and the pride suiting his character. May he find his forever human love so he may always be a grateful and loyal King.

Be it known, that the captain hereby appoints the queen, Barbie, her majesty 22, as she is an example of rescue that was miraculously healed by loving and caring hands who gave her a new visage befitting her inner beauty absent of the pain she has endured; she is a shining example of a heart renewed and the power of faithfulness. May she find the forever human love she deserves so that she may always be a grateful and loyal Queen.

Thus, the captain commands all krewe members and their human companions to sniff and assemble with mirth on Sunday, February 23 at 2pm to parade from Armstrong Park in honor of all dogs who deserve their time to stomp, romp and lick freely on the grandest of grounds known as the Krewe of  Barkus parade.

With absolute authority and pomp,

The captain salutes King DIRK and Queen BARBIE




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